White Flocking Thank You Note Card

White flocking note cards with a blue felt floral pattern in the middle of the card with an aqua blue ribbon design down the middle of the card. Each box comes with the same blue flock design pattern on a white folded blank note card and includes an aqua tie ribbon to close and open the box. The thank you card pattern is popular for post event thank you cards, weddings, or celebrations.

Flocking is a textured card. Think of it like velvet smooth to the touch. This makes the thank you card more boutique feel and is more expensive than plain stock cards. This flocking thank you card is 4in X 5.5in in size, with a white background color with blue flocking design with an elegant brown and blue ribbon down the middle of the card. And it comes with a creamy envelope.

Card Dimension: 4 " X 5.5 " in size. Box dimension: 6.5 " x 1.5 " x 4.75 "
Card Stock: printed on high quality, 90lb card stock on a matte finish with flocking texture.

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