About Us

We are two people who care deeply about the stationery cards, boxed notes and journals we create for our customers. When we started we were terrified at the prospects of not getting a single order. Today, 10 years later, we have retail partners and over 10,000 customers. Using what we believe to be solid design principles and execution in every aspect of our business from customer care to design, you will see we have a special way about how we conduct business friendships.

Rungtong - Founder & Designer with Partner, Mike Wanner

This is the start of what we hope to be a long-term relationship with our customers and partners. Thanks for learning a little more about us.


Our Core Values

- Be Simple. In design, life and actions. People know when you try too hard and when things don't seem natural. Bells and whistles are great, but the core of who you are and what you do should come through in everything.

- Be grateful for your customers everyday for what you have and what they give us.

- Figure out how to give customers more for less. This is both in what it costs to buy our stationery and how we package and market our products.

- Make every communication as personalized as you can. We blend a Zappos like culture with a sense of having fun and being structured so we stay grounded but focused on the customer and how to better support each girl, guy, parent, and all paper lovers.

- Current customers, future customers and customers not yet born are our investors. They help us pay our vendors, employees, us, and give us a lifestyle. It's a compass we try to tune with what is available to us and what we hope people see us in their minds.

- We are only as good as our last successful stationery card, boxed notes, journals, letterpress card, flocking boxed notes... anything that someone purchased enough to allow us to order more and design similar products in style and paper.