United Feathered Friends™ Weekly Planner - Adventure

Start your week organized with the United Feathered Friends weekly planner. You can customize it for any year, month or day, so you don't have to wait till the start of a new year to use this fun planner. There more than enough pages to fill your entire year with this planner and an extra few pages for your notes or scribbles. The pages are filled with the UFF characters in a pirate theme, box car racing and floating away into the sky. A reminder that every day is an adventure to be had.

Over 120 Pages, divided into weeks and extra pages for notes.
Flexible matte laminated cover with white spiral bound with rounded corners.
Weekly Planner Dimension: 5.75" x 8" in size.

Fun United Feathered Friends™weekly planner available to use for any year! Just fill in the year, months and dates whenever you start this journal at any time of the year. Personalized the first page of this planner with your name and use it to for your to-do list, plans and events.

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